White Papers and More

“New Study: Is There a Trend Towards Consolidating to Multiple Agencies within a Single Holding Company?”– by Arthur Anderson
In a recent report by Morgan Anderson in connection with a study for one of its global marketer clients, an issue was whether there exists a trend towards use of multiple agencies residing within a single agency holding company. We did this work by survey, interviews and our own internal experience in the agency compensation and agency assessments/search areas. CLICK HERE FOR PDF

“Benchmarking & Brokering U.S.A. & Global Agency Compensation” – by Arthur Anderson & Lee Anne Morgan
When American Express engaged Morgan Anderson in 1994 to conduct a year-long assessment of global agency fees, they said, if successful, it would be the first time a viable methodology for benchmarking, assessing, and brokering global agency fees was fully accomplished.  In the early 1990s, American Express, along with other global marketers, had failed to attain goals in this area. CLICK HERE FOR PDF

“The Fiction of Hourly Rates for PR Agencies – A Road Map for Marketing and Procurement” by Arthur Anderson
This is one in a series of Morgan Anderson papers devoted to best practices for compensating agencies and other professional services firms.  In this paper, we take issue with the “fiction” of PR agency hourly rates and discuss case examples using fact-based knowledge and actual assignments from marketers – rather than using agency surveys and trend analyses.  CLICK HERE FOR PDF

“Agency Search: Ante Up, But How Much?” – by Lee Anne Morgan
How does a marketer determine fair compensation during an agency search? Talk about it. Sound simple? Then why is it not done more frequently with candor, good intentions, and the absence of angst? Why is the prevailing mantra ‘get more for less’ rather than ‘value-for investment’?  Well, most marketers and their procurement teammates are under real pressure to deliver the most for the least cost. CLICK HERE FOR PDF

“6 Best Practices for Managing Digital Agency Fee Costs, Process & Performance” – Arthur Anderson
Over the past year, major moves have been made to articulate Best Practices for managing digital agency fees by the marketer.  On the other hand, there is still other measurement work that remains to be done, particularly in measuring business results. At the ANA’s recent conference in New York on Digital and Social Media, attended by Morgan Anderson as advertising agency compensation consultants, it was clear that effective metrics and methodologies for measuring positive impact on sales and ROI in the digital area remains work-in-progress. CLICK HERE FOR PDF

“Advertising Agency Procurement : Overcoming 6 Obstacles to Achieving Marketing Supply Chain Efficiency and Effectiveness” – by Arthur Anderson
In a recent study by the CMO Council, $1.5 Trillion is the annual global external spend by marketers on marketing communications. This is an upward advertising economic trend and is a large target for marketer procurement to focus on when seeking improvements in how they source, manage and align resources such as advertising agencies and marketing services providers. CLICK HERE FOR PDF

“New Ways to Benchmark Digital Agencies | Digital Agency Compensation” – by Arthur Anderson
In the past year, it has become possible to benchmark digital/interactive agency fees, staffing plans, economics, scopes of work, and deliverables. This not only provides a handle on digital agency efficiency and effectiveness, but also contributes to developing strategies for agency compensation and performance arrangements that are fair and provide value-for-money. CLICK HERE FOR PDF

“The Great Recession: Trends Impacting Advertising Spending & Agency Remuneration to 2014″ – by Arthur Anderson
On behalf of marketer clients, Morgan Anderson periodically draws upon its own and reliable third-party intelligence to trend global advertising spending and agency economics.  In this white paper, we provide trends from 2009 through 2014. CLICK HERE FOR PDF

“Advertising Agency Review: Who Owns Agency Work Product in a Search?” – by Arthur Anderson
In early February, the American Association of Advertising Agencies requested agency search advisors to address a perennial “elephant in the room” that lurks between marketers and agencies: Ownership of Intellectual Property rights for work an agency presents when pitching new business to a marketer. An industry practice in the past has been that the marketer owns IP rights, and the marketer pays an honorarium to the finalist agencies participating. CLICK HERE FOR PDF

“More Thoughtful Approach to Agency Relationships in Order” – by Arthur Anderson for ChiefMarketer.com
The relationship between marketers and their marketing communications agencies has come a long way, particularly in the area of agency compensation. Unfortunately, there is still too much conflict, resulting in too many agency “reviews” that often result in a marketer switching shops without making a serious attempt to align the financial interests of both parties. CLICK HERE FOR PDF

“Advertising Financial Management (Cost Containment)” – by Morgan Anderson Consulting
We want to keep you posted on the work we’ve done over the past few months. We are proud to work with each of these marketers and to help them reach their Advertising Financial Management goals. These may give you ideas on how Morgan Anderson can add value to your efforts. CLICK HERE FOR PDF

“Best Practices in Bridging The Advertising/Procurement Gap” – by Morgan Anderson Consulting
In a downturn, more and more companies are looking to cut costs and spend more effectively. The CMO continues to focus on integrated marketing strategies and communications while the CPO is working to add value and strategic source service providers to help the CMO achieve success. All the more, it’s time for agencies to embrace rather than resist procurement. CLICK HERE FOR PDF

“Using the Right Metrics for Measuring the Agency Relationship” – by Arthur Anderson
Although every advertising dollar spent should count, particularly in these difficult times, the agency relationship1—and agency compensation—have, to some, seemed either a) too “qualitative,” and hence immeasurable, or b) not material enough in the overall marketing budget. However, today, nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact: Agency fees still represent from 5% to 20% of marketing communications expenditures. CLICK HERE FOR PDF