Marketing Communications Management Consultants

    As its classic business, Morgan Anderson applies marketing, communications, finance, law, and management expertise to projects and issues. The Company began as marketing communications management consultants in 1988 in New York advising major marketers on assessing marketing agency performance and how to compensate ad agencies to achieve efficiency and effectiveness. The Company was based on Arthur Anderson’s finance and law experience and Lee Anne Morgan’s experience as senior officer of a major advertising agency.
    Prior to founding Morgan Anderson Consulting, Anderson co-founded a new money management and investment research firm on Wall Street. This in time led to Wall Street’s first full-service discount stock brokerage firm. This was the very early days of discount stock brokerage. A price-fixing practice at the New York Stock Exchange led Anderson to file a complaint with the SEC asking the SEC to determine that brokerage commissions fixed by the New York Stock Exchange for all customers were illegal as a violation of antitrust law. The SEC so held, changing forever how Wall Street charged its customers and enabling the young discount stock brokerage industry to flourish (Charles Schwab being an example).

    Morgan Anderson was founded to bring new thinking to the ad industry based on the founders’ new ideas on how to better assess and select advertising agencies and new ways to compensate agencies. Based on agency transparency and full disclosure (a novel idea at the time), it was a fact-based evaluation of the agency’s scope of work, staffing, and costs and, importantly, supported by Morgan Anderson’s proprietary benchmarking databases. Prior to this time, agencies charged marketers using a fixed commission rate card based on a percentage of the client’s media spending volume. This Morgan Anderson methodology totally changed the industry, and by 2000 negotiated fee compensation became a marketer best practice. throughout the world.

    Other Morgan Anderson pioneering efforts for marketers included “unbundling” media buying from large agencies to specialist media agencies, fact-based agency assessment and selection, and facilitation of client/agency relationships for better efficiency and performance.

    Art Collection Advisors

    More recently, applying its learning from management consulting and drawing on a personal interest of Arthur Anderson, Morgan Anderson also provides art collection management consultation.

    A current focus is first half 20th century American art and draws on Anderson’s experience on museum boards and his study collection of art of the Historic Woodstock Art Colony, 1900-1950. This area addresses issues facing collectors such as museum donation or sale, marketing, finance, and digitization of collections, and care, conservation, and storage of collections.

    Woodstock, NY was America’s first intentional, year-round arts colony. It was founded in 1902 by three co-founders: an Englishman follower of John Ruskin, a Harvard grad and writer from Chicago, and an artist, mountain climber, and founder of the Stanford University art department. In 1906 the Art Students League of NY moved its summer school there, and over the years thousands of artists studied, taught, or worked in Woodstock. By 1926 over 90 artists had residences there, including such icons of American art history as George Bellows, Robert Henri, Yasao Kuniyoshi, John Flannagan, Eugene Speicher, George Ault, Milton Avery, and Philip Guston, to name a few.

    Anderson’s encyclopedic collection of the Woodstock Art Colony 1900-1950 comprises 1400 works by 170 artists. It is particularly strong in the works of George Bellows and His Woodstock Circle. It includes well known artists of the period as well as many known in their time but since having eclipsed and deserving of scholarship and renewal in the American art canon.

    Vacation Rental Property Advisors

    More recently, applying its learning from management consulting and drawing on a personal interest of Arthur Anderson, Morgan Anderson also provides vacation rental property management consultation.

    A current focus is on one-of-a-kind nature properties located in the U.S. and Europe. This business was inspired in part by Richard Louv’s book, “The Nature Principle: Reconnecting With Life in a Virtual World.” Louv makes a compelling case that spending time in nature is an antidote from the digital urban world by providing better mental health and clarity, enhanced creativity, and better individual, business, and community relationships. Nature getaways properties for the first project are Hudson Valley, NY, North Captiva Island FL, Italian Switzerland, and Tuscany-on-the-Sea.

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