Arthur Anderson is co-founder and president of Morgan Anderson Consulting. For more than 25 years, Morgan Anderson has provided leadership insight to major marketers on marketing and communication issues, with a primary expertise in advertising financial management, agency compensation, and effective agency assessment.

Born and raised in Western Michigan, Mr. Anderson began his career with degrees in Chemistry and American history from Brown and a law degree from Yale. After working for the intellectual property rights law firm Fish & Neave in New York, his focus shifted to Wall Street where he co-founded a technology investment management and investment research firm.

With the advent of NASDAQ computerized trading, he co-founded the first full-service discount stock brokerage firm where customer compensation was based on negotiated fees rather than fixed commissions. Its business model allowed it to charge competitive fees much lower than the fixed commissions mandated by the New York Stock Exchange.

When the NYSE tried to stop this, Anderson initiated a rule making at the Securities & Exchange Commission in Washington, D.C. on grounds that NYSE fixed commission rates were illegal under U.S. antitrust law. The SEC found in the firm’s favor, and this changed the way brokerage and investment firms operated going forward.

In 1988 he joined with Lee Anne Morgan, senior executive at a major New York advertising agency, to form Morgan Anderson Consulting. As marketing communications management consultants to major marketers, Morgan Anderson made its name early on by advising marketers on the ROI of their marketing communications investment via assessment of agency performance, productivity, client-agency relationships, and, critically, agency compensation.

As a new kind of consultant on Madison Avenue, Morgan Anderson became known for its pioneering “firsts” for marketers. For example, helping marketers transition their agency relationships from opaque fixed-commission rates based on media spending to transparent annual fees based on agency scope of work and deliverables, staffing plans, cost structures, and performance.

Other examples were fact-based agency search and the “unbundling” of media from large general agencies to more nimble specialist media agencies. An integral part of Morgan Anderson’s work at all times has been its proprietary domestic and global benchmarking. These became the standard for marketers around the world for the assessment of agency remuneration, client-agency relationships, and performance.

Morgan Anderson continues to consult on a highly selective basis with marketers who place equal value on the quality of their agency relationships and the ROI from their marketing communications investments. It oversees and involves in assignments those with whom it has worked in the past who share its core values.

Arthur Anderson has many areas of interest and knowledge. These include ethnographic travel to faraway places, American art of the first half 20th century (in particular, the Historic Woodstock Art Colony 1900-1950), and real estate in pristine nature settings.

Given Arthur’s love for both art and nature, Morgan Anderson now provides services that include nature vacation rental property management and art collection management.


Morgan Anderson utilizes experienced quality advisor/consultants for assignments. These are professionals we know, respect, and have a long standing relationship with us. Their participation helps us deliver a high value-for-money service to our clients.