Case Studies

We have new Case Studies, as follows:

Case Study No. 1 — MorganAnderson helped this marketer obtain $2.1 million in re-investment cash flow and an additional $1.2 million in process economies in a collaborative effort with the agency … Read More

Case Study No. 2 — MorganAnderson helped our client obtain $2.8 million in value-based compensation economies (savings) plus $4.1 million potential from improved client and agency process enhancements … Read More

Case Study No. 3 — MorganAnderson assisted this major marketer in obtaining a $14.5 million printing cost reduction, added a new state-of-the-art vendor, and an internal procurement training program while sustaining good relationships among all suppliers … Read More

Case Study No. 4 — MorganAnderson helped this marketer achieve $5.7 million in cost containment (reinvestment) as a result of agency transparency, adjusted staffing FTEs, and Process Enhancements … Read More

Case Study No. 5 — MorganAnderson helped implement a restructured global agency contract and compensation model which resulted in this marketer’s better efficiency, effectiveness, and fee cost containment (savings) of $17 million … Read More

Case Study No. 6 — MorganAnderson helped this marketer obtain a better agency relationship and a 15% fee reduction across markets with better transparency, diagnostic interviews insights, process improvements identified, and industry benchmarking … Read More

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