Period for this SOW:  2010 (12 months)

1.  Deliverables  Described
Digital Agency (“DA”) to develop, execute and assist in the implementation of content and creative assets for Year  and for product updates on website, including but not limited to changes/updates in product information occurring during Year, as well as asset creation, management and execution as detailed as follows:

(Insert # and detail of deliverables by brand, business unit, product, etc.)

2.  Deliverables Priority (High, Medium or Low):  High

3.  Deliverables Complexity (High, Medium or Low): Medium

4.  Strategic Support Required
DA to serve as the central point of contact in the revision of product content and creative, using client’s brand/product group or other approved vendor as expertise source on which to base the updates. DA to work closely with Hispanic localization partner in the implementation of Hispanic update content, as well as stakeholder/partners in the creation, review and deployment of updates on the website

5.  Creative Required

Product updates during the Year including content:

  • Products 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
  • Product Landing Pages
  • Product Photo Galleries
  • Product Features and Specs
  • Product “Builders”
  • Product “Scripts”
  • Misc. content, apps, tools, and features in tandem with national ad campaigns, promotions, and events

6.   Promotional Programs

  • 4 Major Events: Spring, Summer, Fall,  Holiday
  • 4 Brand Launches: Alpha, Beta, Sigma
  • Visual design for 10 videos

7.  Timeline
Timelines for product updates during Year 1 as provided by client’s brand/product group or other approved vendor, and completed within timelines per Year’s marketing plan

8.  Other Requirements
Other DA deliverables may include work on other content deliverables, provided client notifies DA at least 30 days in advance and Other Deliverables do not materially increase DA’s staffing plan

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