Patent Application Assigned to MorganAnderson Consulting for Methodologies for Evaluating Productivity and Efficiency of Business Service Providers Including Advertising Agencies and Marketing Service Firms.

MorganAnderson’s patent application publication #US2003/0065543 describes expert systems and methods for evaluating productivity and efficiency of business services providers including advertising agencies and marketing services. A principal use of this approach is in MorganAnderson’s practice of agency compensation consultants, marketing services consultants, advertising agency compensation consulting, and agency review consultants.

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The publication is illustrative of many tools developed and used by MorganAnderson to

benchmark, assess and audit advertising agency compensation and related matters across all types of marketing communications providers, including media agencies, general advertising, creative agencies, digital agencies, sales promotion, direct marketing, public relations, diversity agencies such as Hispanic, African American and Asian American, pharmaceutical agencies, event/sponsorships, corporate identity, marketing strategy, production and implementation services, graphic design, and a host of other marketing and advertising service providers. Core competencies at MorganAnderson include advertising agency compensation benchmarking, agency performance review, advertising agency search (via Lee Anne Morgan & Partners), agency relationship management, trends impacting advertising spending, value-based compensation methodologies and benchmarking, agency scope of work (SOW) and staffing plan assessment, and best practices in advertising compensation and agency economics such as salaries, FTE, overhead, profit, and multipliers. The approach has not issued as a patent.

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